Dear CCN: Love Advise

Why does she always go for the guys with poor taste in beer, who then turn out to be assholes?

Katie's HeadK: I know beer is supposed to be a “guy thing,” but if ladies had some knowledge then part of this could be avoided. Quick lesson: Natural Light, Milwaukee’s Best, Busch and Keystone are few of the worst. Now, if you are sober enough to clearly recognize she is flirting with a guy with one of those in hand, why are you just standing there? Approach her, introduce yourself and try talking to her (this does mean hitting on her). The truth is, if a guy is confident, polite, makes her laugh or engages in conversation, it won’t matter what kind of beer he drinks. But fact: Guys with a keg-sized consumption of any type beer in their system are all assholes.


FernandoF: I don’t know, dude. Maybe “She” is just not that into beer? Maybe “She” is really into assholes. Not that way. Get your mind out of the gutter. I’ve heard of “nice guys” and “beer guys” before, but never together. You know those mopey guys who are always saying “I’m so nice to her, I deserve sex!” You’re definitely the first “nice beer guy.” Maybe you just got a poor taste in women; ever think about that?