Live Love Fundraiser:

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane. Take a moment to think of your favorite childhood memories. What are they? Was it the Christmas you got that Hot Wheels set you had been begging for? Or the first time you scored a goal during a Pee-Wee soccer game? Childhood for many people is a beautiful time filled with laughter, love and discovery. We cherish those moments spent reading a book with our parents or learning to ride a bike, and we carry these moments all the way into adulthood.

Now imagine a childhood completely stripped of these simple pleasures. Imagine a child that would love to learn to ride a bike, but his family is too poor to afford one- and even if they could afford one, he’s too ill to ride it. Or perhaps an orphaned child who is never given the chance to learn to read because they must stay at home and care for their younger siblings. Unfortunately, for some children, this is an all too-real reality.

Did you know this is the case for many orphans living in India? In fact, it is believed that there are more orphans living in India than anywhere else. To make matters worse, most of these children are infected with HIV due to reasons completely out of their control. Now, allow me to motivate your sympathy into action. Because in this case, it is not the thought that counts.

Good intentions, unfortunately, won’t remedy this epidemic that is needlessly ending lives decades much too early. Good intentions won’t give these children a warm place to call home. Antiretroviral medications, that give these children the opportunity to live full, meaningful lives, are not purchased with good intentions. You may ask yourself, “What can I do? I am only one person.”

On March 9, there will be a fundraiser held on the University of Minnesota campus in Carlson School of Management in the Honeywell Auditorium (room L-110) from 1PM- 3PM. There will be t-shirts on sale for $10 that read “Love, feed, treat, clothe your neighbor as yourself.” For $10 you give a child the chance to simply be a child and to play, dream, discover, laugh, love, and be loved in return. With every t-shirt purchased you will receive a voucher for a FREE meal from Chipotle.

We invite all those who want to make a positive change in the world, like t-shirts with powerful messages, would like more information on the HIV epidemic that is quickly turning countless children into orphans, or simply like Chipotle burritos, to join us as we watch a moving, yet informational, documentary about precious children effected by both poverty and HIV. Our goal is to sell 60 t-shirts, raising a total of $600 for these children. Invite your family and friends. Visit to purchase a tee shirt before the day of fundraiser or learn more about the organization, LIGHT, we are raising money for.