Dear CCN: Love Advice

How do I stop someone from cheating on me?

Katie's HeadK: The only way is by not being with them. You can’t control someone else’s actions and you shouldn’t have to worry about doing so. If you’ve been honest about your feelings of commitment and are a loyal person yourself, then that’s all you can do. If there isn’t that trust and equal, genuine monogamy with that other person, then there is someone else out there for you.

FernandoF: Alright, you got this. Pay attention, alright? First, take all your pants and you roll them tight, and do the same with your shirts and sweaters. Then, get all your stuff from the bathroom and put them on Ziploc bags. Put your shoes on the bottom of the suitcase, the pants on top of the shoes, and then your shirts and sweaters. Now you have less bags to carry when you leave their cheatin’ ass. Ain’t nobody got time for that.



I want my girlfriend to get tested for an STD but she refuses. What do I do?

Katie's HeadK: I commend you for being a guy who cares about this sort of thing. She needs to feel that you’re asking because you care, not because you don’t trust her or think she has a slutty history. This question to get tested could actually be a conversation to have. Maybe getting to know each other’s histories and perspectives of personal intimacy (what it means to you both in general and what it will mean with each other) will make her more comfortable and give the test more purpose. In fact, if you haven’t already, you could get tested too so you’re both doing it and it’s fair.

FernandoF: To begin with, don’t do her. Not until she gets tested. For real. Don’t. Katie here has it right: get  tested together. You can make it fun, too. Go get some ice cream, watch a movie, and get tested for STDs. Or you can just, you know, dump her.