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First Video Game Memory

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First Video Game Memory

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We all hScreenshot (4)_editedave that memory that sticks in our minds from the first time we really played a video game.

Growing up, I have faint memories of playing games on the Super Nintendo and playing Pokémon Red but the first time I really got into a video game was probably when I was about 7. It was Christmas. Santa had gotten me a brand new yellow Gameboy Color and a copy of Pokémon Silver. I was the happiest kid ever.
I played that Pokémon Silver for hours on end. I remember I had one of those lights that connected to your Gameboy so you could play in the dark. My grandma caught me playing in the bathroom in the dark one time and told me to go to bed. I remember exactly where I was in the game when she caught me. This was 13 years ago, too. Now that I think about it, playing in the bathroom was the worst place to play.

My memories of playing Pokémon Silver for the first time will forever be with me. It’s still one of my favorite games of all time. It was that game that really got me into playing video games.

What was your first video game memory? Did you have one of those Gameboy lights too? Share in the comments below.

Photo: Submitted by Gabe Hewitt, a screenshot from Pokémon Silver
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First Video Game Memory