Thoughts on Grand Theft Auto V

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Thoughts on Grand Theft Auto V

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Ever since I Played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, I always wanted a sequel. Then it came (sort of)! GTA V takes place in the same location as San Andreas but in modern times and with new characters. And boy, am I excited.

This game has been getting a lot of hype. A lot of critics are saying that his game is going to revolutionize the open world environment game.

I’m the kind of person who tries to avoid any spoilers for video games before they come out. Even past plot spoilers, I try to avoid coverage of the game all together. I don’t like seeing game play or screenshots. Seeing previews and coverage for a game is only going to raise my expectations for it. I like my first time playing a game to really feel like it’s my first time playing the game (meaning I haven’t seen any of it before).

Unfortunately (and fortunately), I haven’t been able to avoid coverage of GTA V. Everything I’ve seen from it makes me want to play it really bad.

I’m anticipating GTA V to be one of the best games I’ve ever played. I love open world environment games and it sounds like the story is going to be great. Besides those two things, it has everything that make a GTA game great: funny dialogue, satire, guns, hookers, drugs, cars and so much replay value.

September 17 can’t come soon enough. That’ll be the day I sign my soul away to yet another video game.

What are your thoughts on reading about games before they come out? Does it take away from your hands on experience of it? Let me know in the comments below.

Look for my review of GTA V in the coming weeks.

Photo: A promotional poster for Grand Theft Auto V, courtesy of Rockstar Games.