CCN Asks: What Construction Project Would You Like To See at MCTC?


Now that the new skyway to the Helland Center is complete, what construction project would you like to see next at MCTC?

“I think the campus is beautiful, the skyway looks good — I hardly remember what it looked like before. I don’t think there needs to be more construction. Maybe office space for more of the student clubs.”

–Adrian Thompson

“They’re already fixing the elevator. They should take the stank out of the S-building elevator. I was in there Friday and I almost died.”

–Lamar Colquitt

“We should have a skyway to the S-building.”

–Jami Hoffert

“Can we spend money destroying buildings? Nobody likes the M-building.”

–Bishop Lewis

“I haven’t been around much, so I don’t know yet. I don’t see any room for improvements, unless they want to build a swimming pool.”

–Marion Jackson

“A giant golden statue of me.”

–Grant Jolstad

“I want to see a greenhouse or, this is just an idea, a bath house.”

–Jim Wahl