Student Senate Brief, Sept 11

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With student body President Sam Osman absent for “personal reasons,” MCTC’s Student Senate convened for its second session of the school year. Vice President Zay Aden led the proceedings.

The subject of a planned ZAP tower on campus was discussed in opening talks. ZAP allows bicyclists to monitor miles ridden, calories burned, and other data by way of an electronic device fixed to the bike’s wheel spokes. The tower will link MCTC with the metrowide tracking system.

The Urban Farm Collective took to the floor in hopes of securing funding for a campus garden that would yield crops to feed the needy. With initial costs upwards of $50,000, the senate moved to table the discussion until the Urban Farm Collective could provide a detailed breakdown of expenses. The discussion will continue in further meetings.

The Sustainability Committee proposed an amendment regarding “green” projects on campus. The amendment called for the recommendations of a 12 member panel.The amendment was approved.