The Fallout From GTA V

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The Fallout From GTA V

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We live in a world where when something bad happens, we point the finger. When young girls dance like a stripper, parents blame Miley Cyrus. When young boys swear and cause mischief, they blame rappers. And when mass shootings occur, the world blames video games.Grand Theft Auto V (GTAV) is expected to be one of the most successful and profitable video games of all time. In just three days, the game made a billion dollars. That’s more than any movie has made during that time span. All this attention is going to lead to inevitable controversy.

Where’s the controversy? It’s what happens in the game and the potential message it could send that’s being questioned. If you haven’t played a GTA game before, players can do things like wield weapons to shoot and kill people, have sex with prostitutes, go to a strip club and rob gas stations.

Anybody who criticizes the message of a GTA game is ridiculous. It’s true that you partake in illegal actions throughout the game, but there’s so much more than that, especially in GTA V. The game chronicles the lives of three different men, all of which represent a different demographic in the United States. The stories and development you experience with the players make the game more than just “inappropriate” and “distasteful”. They shed light on the lives of real people living in the world.

GTA gamers aren’t going to rob their local gas station or shoot a stranger in broad daylight because they know, like in the game, they’ll be chased down by the police. GTA games definitely acknowledge that there are consequences to your actions.

The next time there’s a mass shooting in this country, don’t blame the game. Blame the gamer.

What are your thoughts? Is criticism of GTA justified? Let me know in the comments below.

PHOTO: A screenshot of one of the game’s main characters, Trevor, in a strip club. (Courtesy of Rockstar Games)