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Music Spotlight: Jackson Atkins from The Goondas

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Music Spotlight: Jackson Atkins from The Goondas

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Name, Band Name:

Jackson Atkins. I play in a band called The Goondas.

Liberal Arts.

Instrument(s) you play:

How long you’ve played with your band, and how you got started:
We formed about five years ago just to make some money and play our favorite old rock and roll songs. Then we started writing our own music and found a very nice audience in Minneapolis.

Most memorable experience with your band:
We’ve had more fun shows than I can count, but it’s always the horrible stuff that is funniest to remember. Our lead singer is known for his antics, and when we finally played First Ave’ he made the stage manager really angry. We basically got kicked out after our set.

What inspires you:
Old blues and bands that know why they play music.

What is difficult or frustrating for you:
Being in a band with your best friends is the greatest thing in the world, but it can be really tough sometimes. We all have our obnoxious traits.

Guilty pleasure music:
Third Eye Blind.

Last song you listened to:
Little T&A by Rolling Stones.

Other local artists you enjoy:
Charlie Parr, Red Daughters, The Further Adjustments and Buildings.

Favorite thing to do in Minneapolis:
This is my favorite time of year, so just about anything. Probably to go get some pumpkins one of these days.

Favorite Minneapolis venue to play in:
331club and Kitty Cat Klub. And Turf Club in St. Paul.

Venue you dream of playing:
I’m not really a huge venue kind of guy. I guess any dive in Europe would be my dream venue right now.

Song of yours you want us to listen to:
“Let it Rain”

What your band hopes to achieve:
Travel. Maybe get a record label that won’t treat us like crap.

Where you see yourself in five years:
I’d kind of like Joe Biden’s job.

Upcoming shows:
October 31st at The Belmore New Skyway Lounge

Links to online material:

The Goondas from left to right: Andy Meuwissen, Brenden Green, Joshua Miller, Jackson Atkins. Photo by Alexander Uhric.

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Music Spotlight: Jackson Atkins from The Goondas