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Music Spotlight: Christian James

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Music Spotlight: Christian James

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Name/ Major:379161_483767794991042_1058971377_n

Christian James, Architecture

When did you start playing music?

Started buying records in the mid-90’s but I didn’t start playing out until around 1998.

What inspires you?

Anything that’s got soul.

What kinds of music do you most enjoy?

Techno and House music for sure, but I listen to a lot of old New York-style hip hop and jazz

Favorite performance moment:

There are far too many to pick just one. Big ones that stand out in my mind are a party in 1999 in Iowa at Waterloo Civic Center where I played to about 1200 people. Another would have to be at a Furthur Festival in Wisconsin playing in the morning when the sun was coming up and it was raining.

Song that you trust to get the crowd dancing:

Den Ishu- “High You Gunna Feel”

Favorite event to play in Minneapolis and why:

Communion Sundays. It’s outside, it’s bangin, always a killer vibe, great people and it’s the collaboration of Centrific and I that make it happen the way it does. It’s our thing.

Most memorable artist you have seen here and why:

Prince – Seeing him in his hometown, on his turf, and his stage presence… hard to describe unless you’ve seen him play.

Local musicians you admire:

My crew at HUSH (DVS1 and Ghetto aka Daniel Paul) and Intellephunk (Centrific)

Pet peeves:

Messy kitchen and bathrooms….Drives me nuts!

Current obsessions:

Drinking juice and buying records.

How you deal with Minnesota winters:

Two words… Long Underwear.

Random fact about you:

I love funny pictures/videos of cats.

Halloween plans:

Intellephunk Party at Desseo next to Sound Bar with the famous Dan Bell!!!!

Upcoming events:

Intellephunk presents: Dan Bell, Halloween night at Desseo, 400 3rd Ave. N, in downtown Minneapolis 10pm- 2am

Links to online material:

Photo: Christian James with DVS1 and Ghetto aka Daniel Paul, provided by artist

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Music Spotlight: Christian James