3 on 3 Basketball Tournament, Great Competition

Game 1: Patriots vs. Wild

The first game of the tournament started with the Patriots taking the lead. Wild player, John Hennessy, had a great game, but it wasn’t enough as the Patriots won, 46-16.


Game 2: Assassins vs. D-Team

The second game started off exciting as D-Team and the Assassins squared off. D-Team matched up well with their opponents. The Assassins worked the ball around the first half and made sure to take smart shots while D-Team had a different game plan. D-Team got to the open spots, but it wasn’t enough. The Assassins walked away the winners, 21-14.


Game 3: Mali Heat vs. D-Team

D-Team used a quick attack, which led to some success and a large lead. Mali Heat didn’t let that stop them as their shots were good from beyond the arc. At the end of the game, both teams were tied and used free throws to determine who would win the match. D-Team took home the win, 22-21.


Game 4: Assassins vs.Patriots

After both the Assassins and the Patriots won their first game, it was time to battle each other. Like the first game, the competitive Patriots made tough shots. The Assassins played hard, but the Patriots would find the sweet spot and walk away with a close win, 25-23.


Game 5: Mali Heat vs. Wild

The Mali Heat started off strong in their close battle against the Wild. Again, the Wild would play while missing a team member. Coming down to the end of the game, the Mali Heat would knock down another 3-point shot, giving them their first win of the tournament, 24-22.


Game 6: Patriots vs. D-Team

In the final game of the day, the Patriots would take on their rival, D-Team. The first 12 minutes started out with scoring from both sides of the court. Each team kept the game close, making it fun to watch. The Patriots had a hard time keeping up and would lose, 26-19.