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Artist Profile: UMAMI

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Name/ Major: Timothy Bass, Liberal Arts (MCTC student, member of UMAMI)

Instruments you play: Angelo Pennacchio- vocals; TImothy Bass- bass guitar; Peter Blomgren- guitar; Charlie Smith- synth, keys, beats/sequencing; Andrew Finseth- percussion

Where does the name UMAMI come from:
Angelo: It’s the 5th element on the periodic table.

How UMAMI got started:
Tim: Angelo played in a local band called Guy Storm, Charlie and Peter played together in a local band called Military Special, and when the two bands happened to disband around the same time, the three of them got together to try some stuff out.
Angelo: I worked with some guy who played bass, and Peter lived with this dude Andrew who played percussion.
Tim: The four of us played together and started writing some songs, and then Andrew joined the band once we decided we needed percussion.  I think the Talking Head’s album “Remain in Light” had a big influence there.

Most memorable performance and why:
Peter: Probably the show at 1st Ave with Yeasayer and Strange Names in July of this year. It was our first show with Tim back on bass after his hiatus and the opportunity to open for Yeasayer is amazing on it’s own.

Favorite venue to play in Minneapolis:
Peter: Probably the 7th Street Entry

Other local music you enjoy:

Peter: Marijuana Deathsaquads; strange as they are, they kill it.
Angelo: Vampire Hands, Solid Gold
Tim: GAYNGS, Polica

UMAMI song we should listen to:
Tim: Nails-it’s our only single at the moment.

What inspires you:
Peter and Tim: Creativity; an organic flow of ideas, kind of like at practice when we all just throw things around at each other and something just sort of forms.
Angelo: My girlfriend, I hate to say- stupid as it sounds, I’m a big dork.

Biggest challenge UMAMI has faced:
Peter: Definitely the loss of our bassist to a heroin addiction back in the fall of 2011. It’s a touchy subject and we weren’t sure about whether or not to answer this question honestly or not.
Tim: It’s cool, I’m not ashamed and I’m completely open about talking about it. The guys asked me if I wanted to sit for a few practices with the potential of opening for Yeasayer after I’d been a few months sober, and the rest is history. And so I’ve been a part of the band now that I’m no longer on drugs all the time. Drugs are bad, the end.  It’s also amazing how coherent my playing has become when I’m not drooling on myself all the time.
Peter:  Also, we are trying to get this LP put together and released finally.

Guilty pleasures:
Peter: Sons of Anarchy
Angelo: I swear  in every fucking sentence.
Tim: Doritos, Pink, going to the Emergency Room

Hidden Talents:
Peter: I can do the worm with my eyebrow–it’s tough.
Angelo: Cooking, visual art; I’m a lot like Martha Stewart.
Tim: Math, classical guitar

Where you want to be in five years:
Peter: Pleasuredome
Angelo: Chicago
Tim: Done with College

If you could change one thing about MCTC you would:
Tim: Those stinkin’ toilets. The auto-flush always flushes when you shift position to wipe. It’s really annoying.

How do you survive MN winters:
Peter: Videogames, getting drunk, sledding; I don’t mind the outdoors.Angelo: The indoors
Tim: I try to plan ways ahead of time to combat and distract myself from being depressed. I’m not very good at planning, but great at being depressed!

Favorite thing to do in Minneapolis:
Peter: Go down to the river probably; it’s always there year round. It’s something you take for granted until you don’t live by it anymore.
Angelo: Eat, bike
Tim: Thrifting; it sucks, but spending money makes me feel better. Going to shows, biking, coffeeshopping

Upcoming shows/events:
Saturday, November 16 at the Kitty Cat Klub with Aaron and the Sea for their CD release show

Links to UMAMI online:
UMAMIlovesyou across the board:, facebook: umamilovesyou, instagram: umamilovesyou, twitter: umamilovesyou, soundcloud: umamilovesyou

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Artist Profile: UMAMI