Guled Explains It All: “Just Do It”


Jama tells you what’s up.

Jama tells you what's up.
Jama tells you what’s up.

Who are you? No! Don’t think listen!

People seem to have this issue with wondering who you are. “We know what we are, but not what we may be.”? William Shakespeare. You know what you are, but do you know who you are? Identity is one of the biggest issues for most college kids. This is a time in which people need to find themselves regardless of what they do. (Doesn’t mean I condone it. Please don’t do anything crazy). Now I know what you’re wondering. Just take your time and find out who you are then you’ve got nothing to be worried about. The longer you do that the more you tend to not have more fun in life. We all have our stories to tell. Some profound, others time-consuming, but what matters is how we tell it and who we tell it to. Then and only then will you know how that can be felt.

Now let me continue. Here’s what you know: Finding ourselves will take us longer than we think. False, you already know who you are. You could be a John or an Emma. Regardless of who you think you are, you will know who you are by accepting what you are. You could be evil, and if you are, be the best at it. If you aren’t, what’s the point in being evil? Now if you’re good, well, that’s just too easy. You’re good. No questions asked. You don’t have be the best at it because there is no “competition.” It’s the whole “if a tree falls, does it make a sound?” question. One will say yes while others will say no. This is proof that people will disagree with you on almost everything. Even if it’s about your identity, there will always be one person disagreeing with you. I know I hate it, you hate it, and even super villains hate it. It’s going to happen. Just don’t take it. Go against it and return it tenfold.

You can ask yourself this question anywhere. Who says you have to do it alone? Ask your friends and family: Who am I? They’ll answer because they know you. The rest is up to you because although you focus on believing this is who I am: a monster, or a human, or even a superhero. What good will that do you if you focus on that? Just do it all. Become what you want to become because people can become anything they want because of their convictions. Look at all of the big names: Mahtma Gandi, Martin Luther King Jr., and you. Yes, you! Conviction goes to the extreme. See how far you will rise.

Now if you do try to find yourself alone, it’ll be hard. It’ll be the equivalent of trying to jump off a plane with only bricks and no parachute. You see how difficult that would be? Do you want to survive? Then take a parachute to survive the search. Even if you have to power up and turn into some beast like the Hulk, get what you want. You want to show the world who you are. Break bad if you have to. Do it. Become a legend. Someone that will be remembered for thousands of years like Gilgamesh. Just freakin’ do it. Become a big deal and continue on from there. Face the world if you have to and search for the things that you wish to obtain before anything can go well. Then you win. You’re a champion. Do it as if you’re in a death match, and your life depends on it. Do it even if you have to die.

Work hard and don’t stop because what you’re doing is not only natural but a journey that we all must take. Whether you like it or not, its something inevitable. Like death, or both. So go wow the world and become the big deal. If you do that, it’s not only a life worth living, but a life worth enjoying.