Eric's Cartoon-1

As I walk through this campus I see the most innovative minds at work. They’re putting tons of hours towards their education and are passionate about their career paths. They’re discussing almost everything under the sun while still facing the challenges of being a college student. Yet one topic hardly ever comes up, and for some, it’s very difficult to talk about.


That issue is money management — and when I ask students why they’re silent, the number one response was, “I just never learned about it growing up.”


That got me thinking, if money plays such a central part in our everyday lives, why haven’t we been focusing on these matters earlier in our education? The lack of financial literacy doesn’t just affect a specific group of people, it’s an issue that crosses all sections of society — men, women, young adults and the elderly.


Think of your money as a tool. Without the knowledge and education on how to properly use it, it can be harder to build the foundation of your future. At first glance, it can be a little intimidating or complicated to get the ball rolling — but that’s why I’m here: to tell you that you don’t have to face it alone.


Although financial literacy is not the focal point of most schools, students have incredible opportunities to learn how to utilize the resources they have and get the most out of their money. For example, here at MCTC, there’s a Strategies For College Success course (FYST1100) that touches on financial literacy.


I myself am working towards the development of financial workshops to create a community of interest, bringing individuals together who all have their own take on financial issues. None of us have the same story, but we can all learn from each others experiences.


Remember, its never too early or too late to start taking interest in your own personal finances because, let’s face it, you are your biggest investment.

If you have any financial questions for me, email them to [email protected]

Cartoon by Eric Payne