With Davion Jones

Be inspired, be ready, dress up! Here I take a look at the fashion of MCTC.









Name: Andrea Gutierrez-Vazquez

Major: Liberal Arts, planning to transfer and become Holistic Health Coach

Wearing: Banana Republic, and yoga pants with Uggs

Celebrity Fashion Influence: “Jennifer Lawrence. I really like her style, and I really like her. She’s a wonderful person with a big heart. I’m a big fan.”


Name: Kristen Draper

Major: Yoga Certification, Early Childhood Education

Wearing: “A pretty sick sweatshirt from Zumies,” out of the men’s section, with Supras

Celebrity Fashion Influence: “Jennifer Aniston and Miley Cyrus with a little bit of Mary-Kate and Ashley in there also. I really dig the laid-back, relaxed kind of West Coast flannels and snapbacks style, and I like strong touches of Bohemian style as well.”


Name: Lena L.

Major: Women’s Studies

Wearing: GAP jeans and sweater, and a handmade “Minneapolis” necklace

Celebrity Fashion Influence: “Probably Kelly Osbourne, because she wears whatever she wants, regardless of what anyone has to say about it.”














Name: Will

Major: Theatre Arts

Wearing: H&M shirt, Banana Republic pants

Celebrity Fashion Influence: “A$AP Rocky and Ian Eastwood. That’s how I dress comfortably and dance-ready.”



Name: Kaya Richie

Major: Liberal Arts

Wearing: “Scarf, jacket, sunglasses, this hat, and these m***********g boots”

Celebrity Fashion Influence: Queen Latifah



Name: Thomas Like

Major: Liberal Arts

Wearing: “A coat from Amazon, Have to Have is the brand. Its Korean. I have pants too, they’re from ASOS, that’s an online store. Boots, also ASOS.”

Celebrity Fashion Influence: “I don’t know. I don’t really look to celebrities for what I wear.”