White Press

A handful of City College News members attended a journalism convention this weekend where newspaper staff from midwest universities were invited to learn from professionals in workshops.  There’s something that we noticed: the future of journalism looks very white.

You could have counted the number of colored students there on one hand. Granted, the convention attendees were from midwest colleges. Those colleges don’t represent the demographic of college newspaper staff, future journalists, from around the country.

However, you can see the whiteness of professional journalism even now, especially on TV. Turn on CNN, NBC or your local news and you’ll see mostly white people telling you the news.  Go into  a newsroom for a print or online newspaper, white. Tune into the news on the radio, white peoples’ voices.

Is there anything wrong with white journalists? No, of course not. They went to school for their profession and do a good job at it. So where’s all the colored journalists? Do editors prefer white ones over colored ones? 99 percent probably don’t and will hire the best candidate for their newspaper, regardless of skin color.

Why is there an issue with the industry being dominantly white? News is supposed to be for the people. The people who supply the news should be a reflection of the audience. If people consume news brought to them a variety of people, they get different perspectives which is important for understanding the world.

The way in which news is told is changing with advancements in technology but the people who supply the news aren’t changing.