The Bane of Ukraine


cartoonHere we go again.


As citizens of the United States of America we are afforded certain liberties and along with that a voice for the people. With Cold War possibilities heating up just after the closing of the fourteenth Olympic WInter Games in Sochi, all eyes are on RUssia, Ukraine and Vladamir Putin as the US attempts to do something in Kiev, Ukraine to stop all the political mayhem and violence.


With a barrage of reports in US media regarding the uprising in the Ukraine, we back home home are gearing for a media blowout that will make you not want to hear or see anything regarding Ukraine and Russia ever again.


On YouTube, there is a propaganda film that really seems believable regarding the safety of citizens of Ukraine narrated by a girl who seem authentic discussing their desire to live life like the Americans do but this film allegedly done with the intent to scare and emotionalize to create support in US terms. This has Western ties to an earlier ruse called Arab Spring in 2011 which included US and Pentagon support including evidence of CIA involvement. Publicly, the CIA won’t admit any involvement in the Ukraine; however, there is evidence to support their involvement in the 2011 Arab Spring.


Perhaps, after fifty years, they will admit their involvement even though the footprints of the organization appear in almost all of the uprisings in one shape or form. They allegedly trained their agents to speak Russian and in an appropriate accent to propagandize the situation for unwary US citizens looking to jump on board the same old lie machine and believe the hype about what is really in Kiev.


This can’t happen and must not happen where we fall victim to manipulation  like in so many other cases like 9/11 and Waco, Texas. Why can’t this happen? Because we the people are tired of the US media and its propaganda tools distorting the facts, treating us like dummies. Well, the deck looks to have been sacked on all sides as usual in these types of matters.


Senator John McCain has publicly endorsed the pro-Europe Maidan protesters, nut what you might not know – the leader Oleg Tyahnybok standing with Senator McCain as he approved the protests waving approval and smiles to a crowd of uppity protesters – is the anti-semetic Svoboda Party or “Freedom Party” leader and neo-Nzi according to 4 News Ukraine. Also, the Pentagon and small pro-democracy groups in Kiev, such as the International Republican Institute are training protester leaders of Maidan rebellion.


According to Russian Times, snipers were allegedly hired to kill both protesters and police. Does it really surprise anyone that there is involvement of so many nefarious parties and is sure to bog down a resolution anytime soon. According to the Huffington Post, Hilary Clinton said, “Putin doesn’t have a soul,” referring to his involvement with KGB and thus no good resolution will come of this. Regardless of where one is positioned politically, perhaps all of us may benefit from really paying attention on this rapily growing intense standoff issue.


WIth world implications growing from Putin and Russia test firing an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that landed harmlessly in Kazakhstan, Defense Ministry Spokesman Igor Yegorov said, “Sanctions are not an option and our leaders are not backing down.”


Could Russia be posing to make a move that will upset the balance of superpowers in the world? The firing of ICBM’s says that they are not going to back down anytime soon and the US apparently has no power to stop them. Another Cold War could be looming on the immediate horizon and we must not allowed nuclear proliferation become center stage or World War III could become a reality.

With President Obama leaving the White House soon, will John Kerry be able to plan a peaceful resolution as Secretary of State? Can President Obama and company do the impossible and negotiate with Putin for peace and can the world overcome another possible nuclear war? The verdict is out and may be for some time, but I can tell you with Putin practically ignoring the Euro-sanctions and pushing into Crimea, the world will surely be on high alert as new details continue to arise.