4/20 To-Do List


Even the Easter Bunny needs a little R&R time on Easter. (Cartoon by Jake Huffcutt)
Even the Easter Bunny needs a little R&R time on Easter. (Cartoon by Jake Huffcutt)

By Trevor Squire
Staff Writer

April Fools may be one calendar day, but it really does last the whole month. Mother Nature’s annual troll of spring snow storms keeps Minnesotans enclosed in their shopping centres to feast on the Easter sales that seem to ante up every year. Easter Sunday this year falls on a particular date that is host to a countercultural holiday opposed by the consumerist regime, April 20th.

I am not an advocate for being chopped 24/7, I prefer to see eye to eye with whomever I talk to. For those enjoying a meal with their families Easter, don’t do anything out of the ordinary for the sake of it being April 20. If you decide to show up to church stoned, understand the repercussions from the big man. Burners have nothing to celebrate on 4/20, simply due to the fact that they’re on the red eye every other day of the year anyway. So many holidays in the modern age have lost their traditional meaning, but the least you can do is show your family you don’t need to be inebriated to entertain their presence.

Post-meal is a different story, do something out of the ordinary, away from your couch and regular routine. Give homage to Waldos who started the phenomenon, meeting at a specific location at 4:20 pm to celebrate. No matter the questionable weather, go outside, and don’t get caught.

Assuming you haven’t fallen victim to the itis, there is plenty of time left in the day.

Not being indoctrinated into either of my parents’ religions, I have never observed Lent or Passover. Hypothetically, If I were someone who had just been abstained for 40 days and asked to indulge – or try marijuana for the first time – I would go for it on such a special occasion (next time Easter will fall on April 20 will be in 2025).

For those with an undying thirst for the cause, MNNORML is the local organization that has organized several legalization marches through the Twin Cities. Meet at the state capitol at 11:30 on Wednesday, April 23, to fight for your herb!


Hip-hop heads- TDE’s Schoolboy Q and Isaiah Rashad will also be joined by Vince Staples at Mill City Nights.. The original 7 p.m. show sold out a month before the date, which called for an additional show at 11:00 p.m.

Rastafari – Beenie Man is performing at the Cabooze at 9 p.m.

Psychedelic –  The Orb at FirstAvenue.

 Foxy Tann’ s420 Show at the Bryant-Lake Bowl at 8:00 pm.