Chinese Studies program coming to MCTC

China is an emerging world power in the business and economic world, as well as being the oldest continuing civilization in the world.   With over 900,000 native speakers, the Mandarin dialect of Chinese is a language that will be in useful for the 21 century citizen to be familiar with. A new program being offered by MCTC, Chinese Studies , will introduce students to the Mandarin language as well as the culture of China.

The program consists of two language classes worth five credits each, and a culture course worth 3 credits.  Dr. Paul Fendos, instructor for the Chinese language and culture courses, has been studying Chinese for over 25 years and holds a Doctorate from the University of Wisconsin.

“I have always figured, that if I could learn Chinese, anyone could.  It’s like anything, it takes a little time and dedication.”  Fendos said.

Upon completion, students of the language courses can expect to have learned over 800 vocabulary words, and be able to recognize 500 Chinese characters.  Students will also be able to write sentences and paragraphs, as well as translating difficult sentences and paragraphs from Chinese into English. As of now there are only beginning Chinese language courses offered, but if demand within the program develops, Intermediate Chinese I and II will be added.

“It is about time that Americans start learning Chinese, they are going to rule the world soon,” MCTC student Chris Larson said.

The culture course will introduce students to the world’s longest continuous culture.   The achievements of different eras within the context of social, political, and economic developments, will be examined.   Context will be explored through study of ancient cosmology, the various religions of Chinese history, the arts, literature, poetry, and the decline of traditional Chinese culture with the rise of Western influence.

“The course surveys the cultural heritage of China, examining philosophy, language, literature and fine arts of the Chinese tradition,” Fendos said.

Fendos is also working to offer MCTC students with a short-term travel program that will consist of a two-week trip to China.  This will provide students with a real world in depth experience of the culture of China both modern and ancient.

MCTC student Tamara Maluda expressed her excitement about the opportunity for students to learn about a culture they may not have previous exposure to.

“I have never been to a school that offered Chinese as an option. It always seemed like something I would have to go out of my way to learn,” she said.