What will MCTC be like in another 100 years?


By Trevor Squire

Staff Writer

MCTC’s centennial birthday leaves one to speculate how the school and city will change in another 100 years. Long-removed from the days of the railcar, horse and buggy, flappers, prohibition, and all the history that followed — human advancement has flourished beyond the comprehension of a student in 1914.

Now in the Information Age, technology’s exponential growth is prospect to explode through the 21st century. The evolution of education, transportation, socio-economics, and life itself has changed tremendously in the past 100 years, and human development will continue to spike.

Two beliefs of the future are in sight. The first, that humans are doomed and MCTC will cease to exist by the year 2114. For the sake of filling the page for its purpose of text instead of advertisement, I will assume technology will be our savior and reverse the damage done from the fixed-industrialization of society.

So what will the education system be 100 years from now? You first need to imagine the status of the job market. There will be far less career opportunities due to the advancement of automata in new fields like agriculture, health care, and even manual labor.  Jobs will be taken over by the allure of cheap robot labor. Technicians will be needed to repair all of the emerging technologies.

Many classes could be all online work, leaving a student a more scheduled, lexible and virtual-based education. Each student could have a specialized curriculum to fit their goals and education level. For the classes that would still be on campus, teachers would assume a mentor role and let technology present most of the material. Similar to the education process now, students whose innovation and creativity stands out will be the likely candidates for jobs in the workforce.

With growing efforts towards sustainability, transit is something that will be seriously addressed through the next 100 years. With the Green Line projected to be opening June 14, the Central Corridor has now reopened. Those familiar with Futurama have already seen a glimpse of our next possible venture in metro transit.

A company called ET3 (Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies) has begun to prepare a test location for their transportation tubes that would shoot passengers in a cylinder through their system of tubes, supported by magnets and powered by an engine at your starting point. Most of their ventures are sending people across continents and states, but it may be very realistic for cities to begin their own tube networks, allowing one to jump across downtown in a single bound.

The future holds so many possibilities and, frankly, zero answers. Space exploration was merely a pipedream at the turn of the 20th century, and now tickets are being sold for a trip to the moon. Though the odds of any of us students making it there are slim to none, the rest of the 21st century will be a defining moment of human civilization.