The Goldmine: Will Julius Randle create a Summer League revolt?

By Samuel Goldman

The NFL preseason attracts large television audiences. Coaches utilize the event to emulate key scenarios. Players complain about playing in none regulation games due to risk of injury. Julius Randle rekindled the debate.

Injuries have ruined the careers of multiple NBA superstars. Garbage minutes create potential health risks for players. Exhaustion effects productivity and stamina. The summer league increases these risks. Rookies traditionally use the offseason to gain confidence and display their skills.

Memorizing new schemes is often a daunting task. Preseason games give younger players the opportunity to be evaluated. The amount of offseason workouts has been reduced due to safety concerns. Teams invest time and energy into their players.

Fans flock to arenas in order to witness their favorite players. Owners utilize superstars to create profitability. Some NFL players avoid none regulation games in hopes of remaining healthy. Will Julius Randle create a summer league revolt?