The Goldmine: Ice hockey remains a cult classic

By Samuel Goldman

Cult classics achieve longevity. Niche markets have the potential to thrive. Sports leagues battle for ratings and exposure. Professional hockey continues to remain irrelevant in America.

Offseason hockey news is absent from ESPN headlines. Americans line up to purchase the latest NFL merchandise. Professional basketball-themed video games dominate the market. Millions of people around the world watch their favorite players battle on the ice.

Softball is broadcasted on television more than hockey. Competitive international youth tournaments lack apps and national exposure. Smaller player contracts are symbolic of the sport’s drastic state. Technology enables discovery.

Websites fill the news void. Online communities create unity. Podcasts and photography capture the game. Teams have thrived in traditional markets.

The freezing cold icy winters we experience every year created a hockey culture. Fans and players embrace the tradition. Interest in the sport continues to rise. Ice hockey remains a cult classic.