The Goldmine: James will jump ship

By Samuel Goldman

Millions of sports fans, including myself are anticipating “The Decision 2.0”. LeBron James creates spectacular plays. His passing ability rivals Magic Johnson. I stand by my Clippers prediction.

The Los Angeles Clippers are my predicted LeBron James landing spot. Cleveland is clearing up cap space in hopes of offering him a max contract. Miami features an innovative Pat Riley and two superstars. Houston is focusing all its energy on subpar players and Jeremy Lin. Loyalty is important to James.

Amongst La Familia! Is his location on Twitter. The big three share a close off-court friendship. Chris Paul is the godfather of one of his kids. Point guards are a pivotal part of basketball.

LeBron James has been forced to create his own shots his whole career. Hybrid point guards continue to dominate the NBA. Playing with a traditional point guard in LA would be beneficial. Acting and endorsements are both key aspects of LeBron’s life.

Hollywood gives former celebrities and athletes the ability to purse an acting career. Shaq joined the Lakers in order to gain access to the entertainment industry. Steve Nash recently followed the same path. Will LeBron James join the trend?

Miami remains the favorite, according to analysts. Cleveland fans have decided to support James again. NBA free agency creates anxiety and excitement. James will take his talent to the Staples Center.