The Goldmine: Soccer could save American sports

By Samuel Goldman

Money management is a necessity in life. Each professional sports league implements their own spending rules and regulations. Fans complain about million dollar athletes. Would a universal system be more beneficial?

I have witnessed the effects different systems have had on their respective sports. The salary cap strategy is logical. Increasing luxury tax penalties could save professional basketball. Soccer’s transfer system should be a blueprint for all its competitors.

The biggest complaint about American sports is that players consistently relocate. Allowing teams to loan players could potentially solve this problem. Financial imbalance plagues every sport including soccer. Improving the system that gives teams the ability to collect transfer fees could solve this problem. The four major professional American sports are competing for globalization.

Sports venues are expensive. Players have trouble consistently adapting to different international time zones. Soccer teams loan younger players to lower tier leagues. Major League Soccer has demonstrated the effectiveness of this strategy. Professional football, basketball and hockey would thrive if they used soccer’s strategy.

Rule adaptions enable growth and evolution in sports. Free agency is bittersweet. Money management is a controversial sports issue. An updated transfer system will enable balance in American sports.