The Goldmine: The Reaction

By Samuel Goldman

Numerous people mocked “The Decision”. Cleveland fans responded by burning jerseys and GM Dan Gilbert penned the infamous letter. LeBron James became vilified. Four years later, James used “The Decision 2.0” to announce that both parties would forgive and forget. This is my reaction:

Branding and marketing are the biggest strengths LeBron James and his team possess. The original decision allowed the star to participate in the notoriety role and win multiple championships. Everyone hates the villain. George Lucas demonstrated the power and importance of a change of heart. Superstar athletes have the ability to see multiple moves ahead.

Pace dictates game flow. Coaches are required to think like chess players in order to win. LeBron James possesses powerful court vision enabling him to manipulate defenders. The return was planned four years ahead.

LeBron’s agent Rich Paul was the mastermind behind the decision. The marketing genius recognized the long-term benefits of leaving Ohio and then returning. Winning a championship while remaining in Cleveland would have enabled James to receive local legend status. If LeBron James is able to save Cleveland sports he will become a folk hero.