The Goldmine: A Seattle hockey franchise will be successful

By Samuel Goldman

The NHL is interested in captivating its American audience. Midwest cites have transformed into hockey hotbeds. Relocation is capable of being beneficial. Seattle got robbed and is currently looking for a new team.

No traditional markets struggle. Placing hockey teams in Florida and Arizona is a bad idea. Quebec deserves an opportunity. Seattle is in position to receive a professional hockey team. Bettman is learning from the NBA’s mistake.

Professional basketball was extremely popular in the 90s and early 2000s. Television contracts have become a valuable sports commodity. This asset value is impacted by teams in major television markets. Former Commissioner David Stern moved multiple teams into small none traditional markets. Resurrecting the Winnipeg Jets was a major step forward.

Sports leagues benefit from loyal fanbases. Southern hockey teams have struggled to attract fans. The NHL resolved part of the problem by relocating the Thrashers. Geographical rivals increase interest.