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City College News website gets a new look

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City College News website gets a new look

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If you’ve been a reader of our website, you might have noticed that things on here look a little different.  The City College News Editorial Board decided that the layout of our old website was too cluttered and hard to navigate.

So we decided to throw it all out the window and start from the ground up. We were aiming for something simple and easy on the eyes.

You’ll notice that on the homepage we have a featured slider stories like we did in our  last layout. We believe that these stories are the most newsworthy (in terms of impact and/or time sensitivity). On the right of the slider stories is a pinned image. This image is intended to be the source of an external link relating to either MCTC or an advertisement. Underneath the sliders are our three most visited story sections: News, Features and Opinion.


On our inside pages like this one, we’re taking full advantage of the right hand sidebar. The Recent Posts widget is our platter of newest content. Hopefully something from it catches your eye. Upcoming Events will have anything from Student Life club meetings and events to holidays and other important dates.


One sidebar feature we’re especially proud of is the Clubs feature. Student Life clubs will be able to send us an image we can use to accompany several others on our inside pages. The images can then link to a social media page for more information on their club. If you would like to submit an image for your club, send it to [email protected]


On every page on the right hand side you’ll see link buttons to our social media pages and our email. Web presence is something we’re working on for this school year and we want to make our social media accounts worth following.

We’re very excited to use our website to its full potential and have it be a resource for MCTC students. Let us know what you think of our website and anything you think it still needs here.

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City College News website gets a new look