The Goldmine: Wiggins will redeem Minnesota sports

By Samuel Goldman

Andrew Wiggins has been labeled the next LeBron James since he entered high school. His athleticism and ball handling skills are phenomenal. Playmakers enhance playoff contenders. Patience pays off.

Minnesota sports fans have been forced to watch their favorite basketball team struggle for years. The Kevin Garnet era created brief excitement and success. Carrying a team is difficult. Depth is critical.

Timberwolves President Flip Saunders has strategically acquired talented athletic playmakers. Former fan favorite Kevin Love didn’t fit the vision. Ricky Rubio’s passing ability will complement his new athletic teammates. Time and money are on Minnesota’s side.

Wiggins will be signed to a minimal rookie contract for the next two years. This timeframe gives the young superstar and his teammates time to gel and develop. Unlucky sports communities witness inconsistency. Fate is powerful.

Stories depict saviors that will bring prosperity to troubled areas. Title droughts are dreadful and the Twin Cities are plagued by this awful event. Andrew Wiggins will redeem Minnesota sports.