The Goldmine: Chargers vs. 49ers game recap


49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was pressured by the San Diego Charger defense. (Photos used with the permission of Michael Macor/San Francisco Chronicle)

By Samuel Goldman

Levis Stadium features multiple new luxurious features. Suites are decorated with memorabilia commemorating the San Francisco 49ers rich history. A fantasy football lounge allows fans to watch the game and track their team. Surrounding traffic will prevent Monday and Thursday night games during the stadium’s first season. The nearby San Jose Airport adds a unique element to the gameday experience.

49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is a dynamic player. His ability to manipulate defenses with his legs and arms is dangerous. Offensive chemistry is a major preseason focal point. The Niners starters were unable to make an impact on their game against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday. Niners head coach Jim Harbaugh’s three unsuccessful challenges reflected the frustration. Brief momentum creates false hopes.

The Chargers ran out the gate. Consistent catches capitalized on the fasted-paced play calling. The assortment of offensive weapons walked all over opposing defenders. Quarterback Phillip Rivers and tight end Antonio Gates connected for the game’s initial touchdown.

Running back Alfonso Smith attempts to break free of the Chargers defense.

Experienced teams possess the ability to hang around. Experts have predicted the Niners defense will arguably be the best in the league. Turnovers enabled them to begin backing up the opinion in the second quarter. Late efforts became fruitful.

The second half was the complete opposite of its procedure. Niners fans were able to enjoy some offensive consistency. San Diego’s offensive coordinators were forced watch their offense short circuit. Teams view their preseason play differently.

The success doesn’t always translate to the regular season. Confident teams ignore failure. Both participants in last night’s game have struggled during the preseason. The 49ers are confident in their offensive despite inconsistency. Stadium issues overshadow San Diego. Next week will be vital for both teams.