Cultivate Festival hosts diverse music and foods


Christopher Mark Juhn

The Cultivate Festival drew a large audience of music-lovers. (Chris Juhn/City College News)

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By Chris Juhn

Minneapolis – Chipotle Mexican Grill hosted its Cultivate Festival in Loring Park on Aug. 23 only a few hundred feet from MCTC. Cultivate is a festival that “brings together farmers, chefs, thought leaders, artists, musicians, and participants like you, on a journey towards a world of more sustainable, wholesome and delicious food”, according to the Chiptole Cultivate Facebook page. It featured booths to educate the public on the importance of eating healthy as well as an education on the process that Chipotle’s food goes through. It was free to the public.

This year, it brought out the music groups like The Mowgli’s, Vintage Trouble, Hunter Hunted, Grouplove, Portugal The Man, with DJ Christopher Golub. It also included a few chefs including Minnesota-born Andrew Zimmern and Bachelor Farmer Paul Berglund.

Thousands of people attended the event from young to old and everything in between, it featured 12 local breweries that provided beverages to its attendees over 21 and Chipotle worked in partnership with Surly Brewing to create a Cultivate Farmhouse Ale which was debuted at the Minneapolis Festival.

Cultivate had a total of 3 festivals this year in the United States. The other two host cities chosen were San Francisco and Dallas – Ft. Worth. This was the first time Cultivate was hosted in Minneapolis. For more information on Cultivate, click here.