The Goldmine: Basketball’s success is dependent on a schedule change

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By Samuel Goldman

Sports Blogger

Fall sports are extremely popular and major storylines contribute to the hype. The NBA season will begin in less than a month. Globalization is important. The season should start earlier. FIBA faltered. Football remains the country’s most popular sport.

The NFL continues to generate millions of dollars annually. Basketball is forced to compete with the Goliath. LeBron James’ return to Cleveland is highly anticipated.

Convincing NFL fans to watch preseason Basketball difficult. College basketball won’t begin until November. and the NBA starts in October. Televisions audiences are important. Potential schedule changes have been avoided. The FIBA World Cup became controversial.

NBA stars chose not to play in the international tournament. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban publicly criticized the format. NFL Preseason games have already been completed. Studying your competition is important.

Money issues continue to plague the league. Tapping into an international audience has been deemed a potential solution. Today’s generation of fans features a short attention span causing them to be attracted to what’s in the moment.

Adjusting the schedule will allow the NBA to begin their season the same time as the NFL. Replacing the FIBA World Cup with competitive regular season games is critical. Football remains a force. Basketball’s success is dependent on a schedule change.