The Goldmine: Three strikes and you’re out

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By Samuel Goldman
Sports Blogger

Off-field problems have haunted athletes for years. Suspensions are important and kicking Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston off the team would send a message to the rest of the country.

Winston became only the second freshman Heisman trophy winner in college football history last season. The two-sport star used his 90 MPH fastball to strike out opposing batters when he wasn’t playing football. His previous off-field problems have included rape allegations and crab leg theft. Florida State’s one-game suspension isn’t harsh enough.

Pro athletes are consistently arrested. Speeding, intoxicated driving, and drug possession are three common occurrences. Off-field character issues often affect draft stock and job security. Superstar athletes are given multiple chances to correct their behavior.

Suspensions were created to teach a player a lesson. This form of punishment remains popular. Critics, fans, bloggers and journalists have publicly criticized minimal NFL suspensions and this reaction has placed increased pressure on the NCAA.

I agree with Gabe Hewitt’s stance on the NFL’s recent domestic abuse problems. He shared his view on the NFL’s recent arrests and in it, he points out how difficult it is for fans to forgive their favorite athletes.

“As someone who looked up to a superstar athlete before they were charged with a crime, [Ray] Rice will never be looked at the same way again in the eyes of his fans,” he said.

The aftermath of these suspensions trickles down to the collegiate level.

Jameis Winston is a dynamic athlete. Florida State’s title run was dependent on his leadership. The NFL recently sent a message to its players. Kicking Winston off the team will give the NCAA the ability to send a message to its schools.