The Goldmine: Hey Flip, let him pass

By Samuel Goldman
Sports Blogger

Ricky Rubio became internationally known for his passing skills. The Minnesota Timberwolves drafted the former Barcelona star because of this ability. Rubio’s inability to expand his repertoire has attracted recent criticism. Traditional one-dimensional point guards can still be effective.

Point guards were originally placed on the court to direct the offense. John Stockon, Steve Nash and Jason Kidd were all known for their passing and leadership ability. The current role of the position features an emphasis on scoring. Russell Westbrook, Stephen Curry and Derrick Rose have all helped pioneer the new drastic trend. Rajon Rondo, Ricky Rubio, and Tony Parker have managed to thrive as traditional one dimensional point guards.

The international basketball phenomenon Rubio’s ball handling and passing skills attracted the attention of American scouts. The YouTube sensation continuously manipulated older players. Rubio’s one-dimensional game boosted his draft stock. The Minnesota Timberwolves drafted the star point guard because they were   intrigued by his passing ability.

Analysts have criticized Rubio’s inability to add a consistent jump shot to his repertoire. His pass-first tendencies have created frustration. Head coach and President Flip Saunders has patiently waited for this mentality to change. The new leader of the Timberwolves is expected to fill a “Russell Westbrook” role.

The pass-friendly point guards Rondo and Parker both have rings. These accomplishments prove that this role is still effective. Good coaches understand their players’ strengths and weaknesses. Passing is Rubio’s strength. Minnesota’s rebuilding process will be delayed if they force their star point guard to become an undersized shooting guard.