Blow me away

By Casey Heinisch

Sometimes you blow me away

With nothing more than the things that you say

The only one I know who speaks with my tongue

It feels like I knew you when the world was still young

Your voice sings songs with the words of my soul

Was this your purpose, your aim, your goal?

Words that were as pure as the fresh fallen snow

Things I never said to anyone, but still somehow you know

The keys to my soul you hold in your hand

I would give anything just to be your man

Tomorrow we meet under the harvest moon

In the distance the call of a loon

I am yours and you are mine, this is the way things will be

Our future begins then, when you place your hand in mine

And we walk into the world away from this place and time

This is a story I can’t wait to begin

When I am with you, I am a junkie and you are my heroine.