The Goldmine: Could the Canadian dollar crush Winnipeg again?

By Samuel Goldman
Sports Blogger

The Canadian dollars plummet devastated local NHL teams. The financial situation forced Winnipeg to leave their small market and head south. In 2011, the Jets returned home. Will the current Canadian economy force Winnipeg to depart?

Canadian currency has experienced problems in 2014. The fate of small market teams is dictated by the local economy. Economics and collective bargaining agreement issues created the Canadian Stanley Cup drought.

A sudden Canadian economic collapse forced teams to flee south. Florida and Arizona continue to reap the benefits of this situation. Professional hockey’s drastic geographic shift was financially devastating.

Winnipeg is hockey’s financial barometer. The Jets continue to struggle. A franchise relocation would undermine the NHL’s hard work. The future of Canadian hockey hangs in the balance.

The NHL should change their revenue sharing model. Reverting back to the old Jets gear would give the franchise a financial boost. American relocation will be a major step forward. Canadian markets are the heart and soul of professional hockey.