The Goldmine: 4 reasons why you should watch college basketball this season

By Samuel Goldman
Sports Blogger

I voiced my frustration in my recent Cavaliers/ Bulls game recap. I mentioned my longing for March in the article. My stance on the initial college basketball season has changed. Here is why I think you should adopt my mindset.

How much worse can the Gophers get?

Last night #8 Louisville murdered the unranked Gophers in a Puerto Rican aircraft hanger. This dramatic loss ruined any momentum Minnesota gained from their NIT Championship win. The football program will overshadow the talented Basketball roster for the foreseeable future. The Gophers will face powerhouse Western Kentucky in Tuesday’s home opener.

 Alabama has a basketball program

The Football powerhouse decided it would be a good idea to launch a basketball program. I discovered that Wikipedia and the program’s official website both failed to mention the date that this drastic decision occurred. The historic program has only successfully produced 25 NBA players, one Elite Eight appearance and no championships. Alabama is the poster child for staying in school.

You still can’t buy a new NCAA basketball game

Sorry, gamers. Greedy college athletes ruined your opportunity to benefit off of their namesake. You can still buy a brand new rare copy of the 2010 installment for the bargain price of $85.99. This classic game generates the excitement you receive during a traffic jam. I recommend it to everyone.

The NBA season is more exciting

*Spoiler alert: Derrick Rose got hurt already.

The stock market is more consistent than Derrick Rose. I planned to devote this final paragraph to Derrick Rose jokes. Documenting the star-studded league’s health became my new focal point. Space Jam predicted this epidemic. I was talking about Ebola.

Enjoy the 2014-2015 NCAA basketball Season.