The Lakers will level the NBA playing field if they acquire Kevin Love in free agency

By Samuel Goldman
Sports Blogger

Kevin Love highlight video


NBA analysts have recently reported that Kevin Love is considering free agency. The superstar power forward has the ability to opt out of his contract this offseason. I think his departure would fix the NBA’s imbalance. A Lakers squad featuring the former Bruin would enhance the league’s relevance. The Lakers have historically gambled on free agency.

Free Agency

The Lakers acquired Carlos Boozer in free agency last summer. This is a low risk/high reward move and other NBA teams should copy this strategy. Free agency will enable the Lakers to achieve prosperity. I think the franchise’s future is dependent on their front office.

Dwight Howard discusses NBA free agency in CNN interview.

Kevin Love

The Lakers would fill the void Dwight Howard left if they sign Kevin Love in free agency. I believe Kevin Love’s California heritage will recreate the local effect Cleveland has recently enjoyed. I have noticed that NBA Franchises benefit from intriguing storylines. The Lakers should begin promoting their free agency possibilities .

NBA fans have recently been forced to watch an imbalanced product. Sluggish play and expensive tickets are a bad combo. I think the league’s relevance is based on the Lakers success. The Lakers will level the NBA playing field if they sign Kevin Love in free agency.