Stevie Ray: Going back to the sandbox


Stevie Ray had his audience engaged and interacting with each other. (Photo: CeCe Lindsey/City College News)

By CeCe Lindsey

MCTC students enjoyed a free night of knowledge on and working the room Nov. 12 from a comedic native of Minneapolis.

Stevie Ray is a master entertainer as well as a respected keynote speaker and corporate trainer. He hosted “Working the Room”, a program intended to demonstrate the best strategies for networking and making a great first impression. Students and members of Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Minnesota could not stop laughing in between exercises. A majority of people complimented Stevie for being able to keep one’s attention and teach in a unique way, a way in which it is completely opposite of being in a lecture room.

Enjoying appetizers and conversing with others made the event very successful. I retained most, if not all of the information because it was phrased in a way that I can practice and put to use in my everyday life and not just think I need to perform these techniques in a professional setting. There were high levels of energy and laughs from the beginning to the end. One common understanding that was highlighted throughout the event was to be you.

Ray touched on how unoriginal it is to talk to people who have a different demeanor than who they actually are, because they aren’t consistent with the way they approach managers, colleagues, friends and other professionals. Each time a conversation strikes with someone new, you are always networking.

Stevie mentioned how easy it was when we were little and could go up to anyone at the sandbox and ask, “Wanna be best friends?” His idea of successful networking is taking you back to the days you would run free in a sandbox and be able to easily start a conversation with anyone, and possibly even make a new best friend.