The Goldmine: The Three Worst Contracts in Baseball History

By Samuel Goldman
Sports Blogger

Baseball teams continue to reward players with large contracts. This strategy has produced negative results. Boston recently extended the bold trend. The following list features the three worst contracts in baseball history.

SportZEdge Friday Night video on Dontrelle Willis career decline.

3. The third worst contract in baseball history was awarded to Dontrelle Willis. In 2009, the Tigers gave him a three-year $29 million contract. His stats immediately dipped. Willis currently pitches for the Bridgeport Bluefish, a team in the Atlantic League of professional baseball. His current contract is labeled a minor league contract.

2. The second worst contract in baseball history was awarded to Hanley Ramírez 24 hours ago. Boston decided to buy their way out of last place. The Redsox recently announced a contract that will pay Ramírez $88 million over the next four years. I think over paying an injury prone player is a dumb idea.

1. The first worst contract in baseball history was awarded to Alex Rodriguez in 2000. The Texas Rangers infamously agreed on a 10-year $250 million contract. Texas is still paying the former Baseball superstar and this drastic situation won’t be altered by a lifetime ban.