The Goldmine: Confessions of a former Dallas Cowboys fan

(Graphic: Samuel Goldman/City College News)
(Graphic: Samuel Goldman/City College News)

By Samuel Goldman
Sports Blogger

A family member lost a bet when I was baby forcing me to become a Dallas Cowboys fan. I experienced consistent heartbreak over the next 20 years. My love-hate relationship with the team continued to torment me. Huffington Post Author Akira Robinson recently listed her five reasons why you should break up with your significant other.  I utilized the list to address my own relationship.


1. The relief is soooooooo worth it.

I already feel calmer. Quarterback Tony Romo’s annual false hopes created consistent built-up anger. It feels good to be alive. The relief was so worth it.

2. You can finally move forward because you’re no longer stuck.

Dallas Cowboys football has experienced a cycle of mediocrity in my lifetime. I was originally stuck in this vicious vortex. Breaking free has enabled me to move forward. I enjoy no longer being stuck.

3. Eventually, you’ll feel proud of yourself.

 I’m proud of my brave decision. The idea was initially terrifying. I believe, in retrospect, remaining a Cowboys fan would have been one of my biggest regrets. Making the jump can be scary but it’s worth it.

4. Your loved ones deserve honesty, and more importantly, so do you.

I defended owner Jerry Jones’ decision to pass on Johnny Football. My view on the Dallas Cowboys playoff opportunities wasn’t honest. My loved ones deserved to hear the truth. I can finally feel good about myself.

5. Healing.

My heart is finally mended. I no longer feel vulnerable. Stress produces an unhealthy sensation. The healing process is complete. I feel better.