Rick Ross’ ‘Hood Billionaire’ Album Review

Hood Billionaire Deluxe Album (Image used for promotional purposes.)
Hood Billionaire Deluxe Album (Image used for promotional purposes.)

By Samuel Goldman

Hood Billionaire is Rick Ross‘ seventh studio album. The project was released on Nov. 24, 2014. An assortment of skits and features are placed within the album. The project is his second 2014 studio album. You can purchase the project online at Amazon.

 The Good

I was forced to survive a fast-paced action flick narrated by Rick Ross. The skits gave the album a classic memorable vintage 90s West Coast sound. My favorite feature was Boosie because it sounded timeless. The boss’ flow remained consistent.

The Bad

The album lacks the heavy amount of base Rick Ross promised in a recent interview. The lyrics became   redundant and my ears were consumed by the overwhelming recurring themes.

The Verdict

I hated Mastermind, Rick Ross’ other 2014 studio album. Hood Billionaire’s production blew me away. I believe lyrical flaws will hinder its placement among greatness. I don’t recommend this album.

Rick Ross’ Nickel Rock Feat. Lil Boosie