Artist Profile: Katie Anderson


(Photos: Gabe Hewitt/City College News)

Several artists recently had their work displayed in the T Skyway for the Journeys Associate of Fine Arts Portfolio Show. Here is what one of the artists, Katie Anderson, had to say about her stand-up piece:

“My inspiration for this [piece] comes from a drawing that I did in a Drawing 2 class with Gregory Rose. This is a landscape. These are all rolling hills. The inspiration for the little guys on the top here are inspired by my brother-in-law, who is also an artist. He does the same thing, where it’s kind of goofy- like the laser eyes. Other than that, I do pattern and incorporate color brightly. So, it’s just a representation of everything I do: pattern, color, mixed with a little bit of goofy sensibilities. The makeshift room where people can walk into is inspired by Jim Hodges, who is contemporary artist. I went to his show at the Walker last spring and he had the same kind of thing: it was the space that you could walk into and when you [went] into it, you had this sense of being alone and when I [went] into this space, I felt alone and a sense of calm and almost serenity. I just felt different walking into a makeshift space, yet it’s in this big building. So I wanted to do the same thing here where people walk into my work and just feel alone.”