The Goldmine: Can Seattle save the Sonics?

By Samuel Goldman
Sports Blogger

The Seattle Supersonics were once the pride and joy of their city. In 2008 Clay Bennett’s ownership group relocated the team to his native Oklahoma City. The Seattle Seahawks’ recent Super Bowl victory has overshadowed Seattle’s attempt to bring back the Sonics. I had trouble finding locals in Sonics gear amongst all the Seahawks jerseys. I recently watched a full game online depicting the 2008 Seattle franchise against the San Antonio Spurs. I utilized my recap of the game to show its impact on the participants and the city of Seattle. Politics This game was one of the last games in Sonics history. Infamous owner Clay Bennett took the steps needed to relocate the team later that year. The Supersonics, led by emerging rookie superstar Kevin Durant, had a bright future at the time. I believe they were capable of becoming a championship caliber team.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant’s ability to torment San Antonio’s defense reminded me of the Star Wars scene foreshadowing Anakin’s transformation into Darth Vader.

Nick Collision

The proud Seattle resident still plays in OKC with Durant. He was outspoken in the Sonicsgate documentary. The power forward is the biggest bridge between the two franchises. Collision’s ‘08 emergence foreshadowed the pain Seattleites are still afflicted with.

The Western Conference

Fans witnessing tonight’s game had an opportunity to watch a pre OKC Western Conference. The introduction of Oklahoma City reshaped the conference competitively and financially. In 2013 Grantland produced an article foreshadowing the Thunder’s small market financial problems. Giving Seattle an expansion franchise will eliminate these problems.


Washington state has a proud basketball tradition. Seattleites had no idea they were watching one of the last games in franchise history. Last summer I discovered that Sonics merchandise was still displayed in local shop windows. The city still longs for another team. Wealthy hedge fund manager Chris Hason currently leads the effort.