Our most viewed stories of 2014


CCN reporter Sarah Stanley Ayre (right) wrote about her experience with the Minneapolis night life in her response to a New York Times article. (Photo: Submitted by Stanley-Ayre)

Cartoon by Jake Huffcut

1. 19 Going on 20

20-years-old is an awkward age. It’s that year between being a teenager and being able to drink legally. Trevor Squire writes about transitioning from teenager to adult.



DrewAilesBrainTumorsphotobyAdamDeGross2. Music Profile: Drew Ailes, Vocalist for Brain Tumors

In this Q&A with an MCTC student musician, Drew Ailes talks about his experiences with his band, his work for City Pages and his thoughts on the Twin Cities music scene.



1394132474_tmp_Amira_Masri3. Would an on-campus daycare benefit students?

A mother herself, Amira Masri looks into whether having a daycare on MCTC’s campus would benefit the student body. According to her article, 17.4% of MCTC students report providing care for dependents for more than 30 hours a week.


131977_473251578638_7707369_o4. The Real Minneapolis Dating Scene

When a New York Times writer wrote an article about Minneapolis nightlife, Sarah Stanley-Ayre felt invigorated to respond to it with her own thoughts and refutations.



untitleddesign5. Social media’s influence on current events

Social media is a very real thing in the modern world. Just look the way it influenced the Arab Spring. Kassidy Curry examines examples such as that and others.



Beck Headshot6. Love Advice with Beck and Sarah

The popularity of this single column managed to get Beck Kilkenny on a Huffington Post sex talk show.



Shannon Gibney.7. City College Air: Discrimination on Campus

This video interview is about English professor Shannon Gibney and the reprimand she received after two students accused her of being racist. It was released in November 2013 and received national attention.



TextbookPHOTO8. Textspensive: The Rising Cost of Textbooks

Textbooks are expensive.



AdamDeGross9. MCTC alum named best music photographer in the Twin Cities


Former MCTC photography student Adam DeGross received a top honor from City Pages last year. Check out some of his photos.



IMG_293010. MCTC suspends six programs

Students currently enrolled in six programs at MCTC will be affected by their suspensions that were announced in October 2014.