Our special Spot

By Jennifer Donnay

I set off to a special spot, walking alone with my daughter in hand,

Taking in all the beautiful sights, smells, that entice our minds,

I arrive at our sanctuary, we take off our shoes, feeling the soft white sand beneath our feet,

The worries, the burdens, seem to magically seem bleek.

Were Alone together just Mother Nature and her undying beauty,

So calm, so peaceful, she has done her duty,

My eyes are amazed at the beautiful sight,

Of wild eagles as they soar above the crystalline blue sky.

The silence is broken by the birds flying free, do they see me?

My eyes are fixed by a bald eagle swooping down to catch its lunch,

A shooting star I see, I must make a wish, my daughter is trying to catch a fish.

I can feel the soft evening Breeze as it blows in my hair, I close my eyes gently,

As to savior this moment in my heart, for I am alone at our Special spot, my daughter and I,

Mother Nature I have to thank, this is Her World, we are just here to visit,

I will leave this World to her, My daughter Amanda, my angel, My friend,

She has my heart, she has my soul, most importantly, she has my love of Nature

Forever engraved in her heart.

I stop to think, I can feel my tears filling my eyes once again,

For I know we must leave soon, to walk back to the start of our journey,