Student Senate to vote on Student Life fee increase April 22


Dylan Kelly fielded questions about the Student Life budget at the April 15 Student Senate meeting. (Photo: Gabe Hewitt/City College News)

By Gabe Hewitt/[email protected]
Features Editor

The Student Life Budget Committee (SLBC) proposed the 2015-16 Student Life budget to the Student Senate on April 8. The proposal includes a 50 cent increase per credit to the Student Life fee.

The Student Life fee that a portion of each student’s tuition goes to is used to pay for a variety of Student Life services including student clubs, personnel salary and the subsidization of the College Pass. The fee currently is $4.75 per credit and students taking 15 credits a semester contribute $71.25 of their tuition to Student Life fees. With the proposed increase, the 15-credit student would be paying $78.75 to Student Life fees, an increase of $7.50.

While the proposed increase does not affect the subsidization of the College Pass, a failed vote could lead to a scenario in which the pass becomes less subsidized, thus increasing its total cost.

Any increase to the Student Life fee must be voted on by the Student Senate, whose voting members consist of Student Club representatives and student senators. This fee increase was scheduled to be voted on at the April 15 meeting but was tabled due misunderstandings and questions across the Student Senate to the SLBC’s proposed budget during the meeting.

“It was a little intense and I hadn’t seen that kind of fervor at a meeting before,” Student Nursing Association’s Alison Rombal said.

Students are invited to a town hall-style meeting with the SLBC on April 21 from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. in H1002 to weigh in on the proposed budget. The Student Senate’s voting members will vote on the increase on April 22 at 3 p.m. in H1002 during their meeting.

“We have to consult the student body about these increases,” Student Senate President Ah-Nung Matrious said. “So we want to have as many students as we can during both these meetings.”

As a senator and Minnesota State College Student Association’s (MSCSA) Metro West Platform Representative, Dylan Kelly has consulted with numerous students about the proposed budget. He admits that there has been a lack of communication to the student body about the voting matter.

“A lot of students felt that vote was rushed,” he said.

To see the proposed budget, click here.

For questions and comments, contact Dylan Kelly at [email protected]