First ever strong man/ strong woman competition at MCTC


Sydney Foster

Some of the competitors gathered together for a photo-op at the end of the competition. Photo by Sydney Foster/ City College News

Strong Men and Women of MCTC took over the T-Plaza on September 23, 2015, to compete in events, show off their skills, and prove how hard they had trained following previous competitions.

The event was put together by Drew Rongere, campus recreation and wellness coordinator. The event was inspired by last year’s power-lifting competition that took place on campus. Many that competed are regulars to the MCTC weight room and competed in last year’s competition, with their encouragement some student spectators chose to walk up and compete. While most competitors were men, a few women competed as well.

The events included the Log Press, the Farmer’s Carry, Tire Flip, Sled Drag and the Crucifix Hold. The challenges are similar to those at the competitions for the World’s Strongest Man, which began in 1977.

All of the events challenge different parts of the body. With the log lift, the goal is to lift as much weight as possible. For the farmer’s carry, while carrying weights you run a set course in the fastest amount of time. In the Sled drag you drag a weight on your back as fast as you can. During the tire flip, you flip the large tire as many times as you can in 60 seconds. And for the crucifix hold, you hold as much weight as you can for as long as you can.

Christopher Fuchs has been a student at MCTC for around a year, and is majoring in human services. Chris had worked out here and there before starting at MCTC, and was psyched when he found the weight room and fitness community on campus, comparing the community to a family that will check in on you and keep you on track.

“It’s not like L.A. fitness where everyone is there to look hot. We put in hard work and have fun doing it. I joined the competition to see how much progress I’ve made in my training. I felt the strong man competition would be a fun test of my strength and abilities, and I knew that the competition would be intense. My favorite part though ended up being the cheer-leading that was goin’ on. We all supported each other and pushed everyone to get out of their comfort zone and just see how far they could go,” said Chris.

The event ended earlier than planned with a quick downpour, but the overall feeling was that of a day filled with accomplishments and new personal bests. During the competition, Chris said “It makes me feel good to see people performing at their best, even if I lose.”