MCTC hosts a Leadership Conference


Sydney Foster

Photo by Brady O’Neel/ City College News

On Friday September 25, 2015 Student Life put together the Rhythm of Leadership conference. Speakers of different kinds were brought together to speak about leadership to the students and faculty at MCTC.

Shannon Williams, Student Life Coordinator, opened the event up by welcoming the audience. The audience participated in multiple team-building activities and all participants were given a free lunch from Galactic Pizza.

The second half of the event was filled with many different speakers who shared their stories. One of the speakers was Kyle Tran Myhre, a well known two-time National Poetry Slam champion, who goes by the stage name Guante. Guante was about 17 or 18 when he first decided to do  spoken word poetry. When asked what inspires him when he does his spoken word he said, “ I’m inspired by my community, by which I mean both my local community, the artist, organizers and friends I build with every day; [and] my broader community, the people I’ve met and interact with on social media.”

After Guante spoke to the audience a woman by the name of Constance Rhodes, better known as Connie, took the stage. Connie, the founder and executive director of Restoration Incorporated did a presentation called “Change from the Inside Out: Nurturing your Inner Voice.” Connie spoke about her personal life experiences and how to use one’s life lessons to overcome adversity. A number of breakout sessions took place in different areas of the Helland Center after Connie’s presentation. The conference then ended with a raffle. There were participates at the leadership conference work together in a team building activity at MCTC on Sept. 25, 2015 different speakers at each breakout session that many students attended.A variety of breakout sessions took on a self-help manner using an emphasis on identity development in the context of student leadership. Speakers like Dylan Kelly and Robert Ellis, MCTC Student body president, talked about advocacy in using the student voice for change.