A student mother aims to trick or treat with her son


SAHH office coordinator Anna Allord poses outside the SAHH space at MCTC in Minneapolis, MN on Oct. 21. Photo by Sydney Foster/ City College News

Anna Allord has her own truth to share. The way she sees things here at MCTC may be different than some, but can be applicable to all.

Allord, is the mother of a two year old son named Wyatt, who has helped to recenter her life, still it’s hard. “There’s a lot of problems that parents have with trying to go to school, go to work, and still trying to provide for their kids. I’m a single mom…I live at home with my mom, so it’s hard for me to be able to provide for my son.” MCTC tries to address these problems, Allord herself is an active participant in student life activities.

Allord is the office coordinator at SAHH (Students against Hunger and Homelessness), where she helps to run the place. There they supply students with food and other necessities like hygiene products.

There they furnish a voice for a portion of the student body that need it the most. “On the computer [we] keep records of who comes in and who is a current student and who’s not. So when we present to student life or student senate we let them know that we’re still here, and we are still doing our work,” she said, but “I’m trying to be able to do school, go to work, be here to do this and do stuff for my son takes up a lot of time.”

It’s really hard, the holidays are even worse…I don’t even have enough to get my son a Halloween costume this year. I might be taking my son trick or treating, if it’s not too cold. I’m trying not to have him not be outside too long, it complicates his health. In July he was diagnosed with complex febrile seizures, so if I have him outside too long, he’ll get sick… he’ll have another seizure.”

This causes complications, spending days at the hospital instead of being at work or school causes more instability.

It’s important for many parent to make sure they schedule time for their children, “…especially Halloween, where parents can interact with their kids and take them trick or treating,” and Allord testifies to this.

“I wish there were a lot more family related events. I’m family oriented, so trying to make this a [holiday] by having my family there and having a good time…my son will love the haunted house… we plan on going next Thursday.”