Half time is over

Welcome to all the new and returning students to the Minneapolis Community & Technical College Campus. We want you to know that we all work for you. From the faculty, to the staff, to your elected executive board of the Student Senate. Our number one goal is to help you succeed! As our tag line says, “Your path to success begins here,” and we all stand behind that pledge.

We have been working on a few things to help improve your experience here on campus. In the coming weeks and months you will begin to see some new information on the monitors around campus. From the expanded services and hours offered by the FREE health clinic located on the third floor of the Helland Center to some amazing menu additions at Tiffin Man Dining Plaza.

One big project we are working on and hope to have the details of finalized and released shortly are the All Gender restrooms here on campus. Once we have all the details worked out with the administration we will be publishing a series of press releases and articles to help provide additional clarification as to dispel any misconceptions about the new restroom signage.

We also have been working with the current administration and the IT Department to help improve the ways in which you conduct your studies here on campus. We recently improved the WiFi connectivity. We hope you all can see the improved quality.

We invite all questions and/or concerns you may have. We will be posting new office hours for the Minneapolis Community & Technical College Student Senate shortly and will ensure that we have staff in our office on the second floor of the Helland Center during the week to help with anything you may need.